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About Gretchen

The founder of Highline Strategies, Gretchen advises non-profits, companies and political campaigns on messaging and communications. The firm works with organizations hoping to influence the national dialogue concerning policy issues, political campaigns looking to connect with voters and companies striving to reach customers.

Services include message development, communications planning and crisis response, media training, polling and focus group advisement, and general political campaign advisement.

Before launching her own agency, Gretchen served as the executive director of Public Notice, a multi-million dollar advocacy organization launched in 2009. Over the course of four years, Hamel expanded the organization from a staff of three to a full-time professional team of 35. She also managed the organization’s relationships with outside counsel and pollsters in addition to communications and ad advisors. Three of the group’s advertising campaigns were recognized by AdWeek in 2012 as the top ads aimed at independent voters.

She has been published in Investor’s Business Daily, Roll Call, USA Today, and U.S. News & World Report, on the CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, and in a dozen statewide publications.

Prior to her tenure at Public Notice, Gretchen worked for Oklahoma Congressman J.C Watts, Texas Congressman John Carter and the spokesman for House Republican Conference in addition to serving as Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) for Public and Media Affairs where she was a spokeswoman on trade for the Bush Administration.

Gretchen holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Oklahoma City University and a master’s degree in communications from the University of Oklahoma.


Strategic Communication

To meet your strategic communication needs, Highline Strategies will first help you define what those needs are. Then, Gretchen will help you develop strategies for fully utilizing traditional, online, social, and mobile media to bring your media to bring your message to the public you want to reach.

Campaign Planning & Advocacy

With years of experience in working on behalf of office holders and candidates, as well as in creating and managing effective advocacy campaigns for many kinds of organizations, Gretchen can help you plan and execute effective campaigns from fundraising to message development, selection of media outlets, agency relationship management, and response measurement.

Crisis Communication Management

Whether you’re a political candidate, office holder, or the leader of a corporation or trade association, there are times when you need to respond effectively to crises. With years of experience in responding to such crises, Gretchen can help create strategies that defuse such crises over both the long and short haul.

Media Training

Performing well—there’s just no other way to describe it—in press interviews is among the most critical factors in the success of candidates, executives, and political leaders. Gretchen has helped leaders to assure their appearances in all media are effective and compelling.